Who we are

About BookAsYouGo

BookAsYouGo is an online Services Portal for Beauty and Medical Appointment Bookings. It provides top class Appointment scheduling for Clients, Guests, Patient and Individual Medical and Beauty service providers in Africa. We offer innovative Clinical and Cosmetics Services that are in-bedded in evidence of a functional Online Diary. Delivered in a high quality; convenient and professional environment.

Whether you need a head-to-toe Medical Assessment / Beauty treatment or have a family history of cardiovascular disease or you want to talk to a Psychiatrist or simply want to book a Pregnancy Scan etc we can help. Our mission is to inspire people to find and BookAsYouGo Hair, Beauty and medical Services. We have made Booking your Appointments simple, effortless and fast any time of the day.

Our Vision

We are an amazing company that works around the clock in this Bookings platform that puts Customers and Service Managers in control. We are a smarter Appointment Booking platform for the African Businesses.

So our customers benefit from the expertise of Wellness experts, Physicians and Specialists across our booking platform

Our Approch

It’s good to know that all your Appointments are Manageable on one platform. You can’t find a service like ours anywhere else.

Formalising years of apt commitment from working offline for several years to this important growth, we are glad to say BookAsYouGo is now On-Line and accessible from any mobile device with internet access. We are still the first Beauty and Medical Appointments Booking portal in Africa since 2007.